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A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Pairing

After attending so many swanky wine tastings over the years, I thought I’d be better at deciphering the various notes and bouquets in each bottle – or at least say something about a… Continue reading

At Home Cooking with Colavita Olive Oil

As a mild food snob, let me say this: Every foodie and at home chef should have their favorite go-to brand of olive oil. And if your olive oil is borderline yellow, then… Continue reading

Stone Crab Season is the Best Thing Ever

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a blog post about something so seemingly trivial as crab (even though it’s my ultimate favorite thing in the world). But then I read a… Continue reading

Healthy Eats at Dr. Smood

Last week, I was invited to a VIP pre-opening party of Dr. Smood’s Madison Avenue location in NYC. This Miami-based brand and chain of cafes is known for their organic menu, healthy products,… Continue reading

The Poke Bowl Obsession

So, in case you haven’t noticed, the poke bowl obsession (pronounced poh-KAY… for any amateurs out there) has swept the continental United States food scene. As a Hawaii-born chick, I’m crazy happy about… Continue reading

A Posh Seafood Fix at The Sea Fire Grill

Last month, my friend Bekki flew in from Florida to visit for a couple days during the election. After the new president-elect was chosen, New York City seemed more depressed than I’ve ever… Continue reading

A Food-Filled Trip to Florida

For the last two weeks in November, I was able to enjoy the most amazing working vacation ever – all thanks to one of my besties, Bekki. While staying with Beks and her… Continue reading

Ono Grinds at Madison Square Eats

With such a hectic work schedule, I don’t have a lot of time to venture out around NYC during the day – in fact, I rarely go out on the town before 9pm.… Continue reading

Boozy Brunches at Pardon My French

I love everything French (except maybe their showers/water pressure). Unfortunately, my French speaking skills began to slip after moving back to the states, because… well… if you don’t use it, you lose it.… Continue reading

Top 3 Upper East Side Sushi Spots

In case you haven’t heard, sushi is bomb. And it blows my mind when anyone who doesn’t come from a third-world country hasn’t at least tried the amazingness that comes in the form… Continue reading