At Home Cooking with Colavita Olive Oil

As a mild food snob, let me say this: Every foodie and at home chef should have their favorite go-to brand of olive oil. And if your olive oil is borderline yellow, then you don’t know what you’re doing. For years in NYC, I was using a Fairway brand, which I loved (I don’t even remember what it was called… it’s the one with the brown top lol). So, after moving back to the west coast, I knew I had to find a new favorite standby. That’s when Colavita sent me a bottle of their EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for you non-Rachael Ray watchers), and I was able to experiment with their green goodness myself. After using Colavita olive oil for all my at home cooking regimes, I’ve concluded that it’s the perfect everyday EVOO – and here are some of my favorite ways to use it.


For whatever reason, I have certain days when I’d rather eat snacks and antipasti, as opposed to a full-on meal. Antipasti is perfect for any movie night in (or if you’re a marine biology nerd like me and watching Blue Planet II on Saturdays), and you can customize it any way you wish. With this particular platter, I used Colavita to roast a couple bulbs of my dad’s home-grown garlic, then paired it with mushroom brie cheese from Trader Joe’s, marinated mushrooms, mixed olives, artichokes, mini peppers, and baguette slices – all drizzled with EVOO. It was uh-MAZING.

Leftovers with Salad

This blog post is obviously overdue, because I’m throwing it back to the week after Thanksgiving, when I used leftover turkey to make a delectable (and healthy) autumn salad. Diced turkey breast, roasted butternut squash and red onions, baby arugula, a dash of Himalayan salt, and Colavita olive oil – that’s it!

Grilled Samlon with Tzatziki

When it comes to cooking, I’m not a fan of olive oils that overpower the flavor of whatever they’re supposed to be coating. Although Colavita olive oil has a rich… almost floral quality… it doesn’t overpower anything I cook, including salmon and veggies. Inspired by a random Pinterest photo I saw, I used Colavita to grill salmon, eggplant, and tomatoes, then assembled it all with some quinoa, cucumbers, radishes, baby arugula, and my “famous” homemade tzatziki. It was legit

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