Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Fashion Week Around the World: My Fave SS2016 Runway Looks

After working in the fashion industry for more than a decade, I created this little game that I like to play: I look at a designer’s collection and try to guess what their… Continue reading

My Mini Guide to the Upper East Side

Welcome to mah ‘hood! If you see me constantly mentioning the Upper East Side or featuring the area in my posts, there’s a reason for that: I live here. Everyone has their own… Continue reading

Soft Shell Crab Buns at Kobeyaki

Have you ever tried something that was so yummy, you almost got angry at it? Because you knew you’d be addicted and craving it for the rest of your life? That’s how I… Continue reading

I Love Mah Bouqs: Volcano Roses FTW

I’m seriously obsessed with The Bouqs Co. One of my BFFs recently turned 30 and I wanted to send her flowers for her birthday – but most floral delivery companies charge you a… Continue reading

One Woman Army

Copy/pasted from what I posted on my Facebook page: Man… So when I wrote/recorded/released “One Woman Army” (basically a million years ago), I created it solely as an anthem for myself. Still, it… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Mind the Leo-Oscar Mania

As much as I want to win a Grammy for songwriting someday, I don’t watch the Grammy Awards. And one of my best friends, an actress, avoids the Oscars like the plague. There’s… Continue reading