Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Bye Bye to FAO Schwarz

If you haven’t heard, FAO Schwarz’s flagship store here in NYC will be closing its doors next month. For more information, check out my tribute to this childhood legend HERE.

Musicians: When You Want to Quit

Committing your life to music (or anything in the entertainment industry) isn’t easy. So what do you do when you feel like giving up and choosing a safer route? See my answers, published… Continue reading

Being a “Starving Artist” in NYC

Yuuuuup, I’m one of the many starving artists in New York City – and I effin’ love it. What’s so great about turning down six-figure salaries in favor of being broke and chasing… Continue reading

Two Little Red Hens: Home of the Bombest Cupcakes

New York City has so many fantastic bakeries, that everyone has a different opinion about where to find the best cupcakes. Butter Lane, Magnolia Bakery, Sprinkles, yada yada yada. But MY favorite cupcake… Continue reading

“Dinner With the Boys”: My Off-Broadway Night Out

Like most kids of the late-80s/early-90s, I grew up watching The Wonder Years. So it was my absolute honor and pleasure to RSVP “hell yeah” when I was invited to attend Dinner With… Continue reading

Cheap Ways to Be Your Own Therapist

Living in NYC pretty much guarantees you need therapy at some point. But if you can’t afford your own shrink, then there are several (cheaper) ways to “treat” yourself. Check out my suggestions… Continue reading

Talk Story with Kofi: Charity, Watanili, and Human Connections (PODCAST)

This week, I recorded a podcast with my longtime friend Anisa (aka “Kofi”) about charity work and the importance of giving back. We were both raised with the mindset of helping others, but… Continue reading

NYC Summer Must-Haves

So, I wrote this post for Tracy’s New York Life when it was 90 degrees out with 80% humidity. I had no idea it would drop down into the 50s again, and I… Continue reading

College Lessons That Apply to Living in NYC

Blah… I can’t believe college graduation was seven years ago. Thanks to those four years I spent living in London, moving to NYC wasn’t nearly as difficult as everyone made it out to… Continue reading

How to Build Your Brand As an Artist

Branding = The difference between being forgettable and having career longevity. If you’re an artist, read my latest article for Record Label Headquarters HERE.