Talk Story with Kofi: Charity, Watanili, and Human Connections (PODCAST)


This week, I recorded a podcast with my longtime friend Anisa (aka “Kofi”) about charity work and the importance of giving back. We were both raised with the mindset of helping others, but Kofi has had so much amazing life experience in this area and constantly dedicates time and energy into giving back, that I wanted her to share her story and outlook with you lovelies.

With Kofi in Rome!

With Kofi in Rome!

She is currently working with a grassroots charity called Watanili, which works with displaced children from Syria and uses art as a means to help and enrich their lives despite what they’ve gone through. Please visit their website, give their Facebook page a “like”, and help spread the word!

If you’re inspired to get involved with a cause after listening to our chat (and I hope you are), these are some organizations that I’ve worked with in the past that I highly recommend: