Birthday at the Ballet: Marie – Dancing, Still

This year, one of my birthday presents from my mom was tickets to see the debut of Marie, Dancing StillĀ at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in Seattle. When I first saw promos of the… Continue reading

Robyn’s Seattle Concert Was Everything a 90’s Kid Could Want

I think it’s safe to say that the 90’s and early-2000’s was probably the last “great era” of music. I grew up as a 90’s kid listening to the likes of boy bands… Continue reading

7 Reasons to Buy a Puffy Mattress

Last year, I finally decided to up my sleeping game and invest in a quality new mattress. After hours of online research, I decided I wanted to go with one of those “mattresses… Continue reading

My First Year Volunteering at Seattle Humane

After moving back to the Seattle area last year, I decided I wanted to volunteer at Seattle Humane. I was fairly “broken and bruised” – literally and figuratively – after pursuing a music… Continue reading

A Mother-Daughter Trip to San Francisco

Last month, I surprised my mom with a three-day trip to San Francisco for her 70th birthday. My grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from China, passing through San Fran before settling in Minnesota,… Continue reading

The 2018 Malafied World Cup Awards

Well, fellow footy fans, France is your new 2018 FIFA World Cup champions! Congratulations to “les bleus” for winning what had to be the most underwhelming final match I’ve ever seen. And well… Continue reading

The Number 32

I turned 32 last Monday – and since I had an amazing pre-birthday Vegas getaway the weekend before (because I had to get the “party” side outta the way), I was happy to… Continue reading

My Pre-Birthday Weekend in Vegas

Last Friday, I took a short two-hour flight outta Seattle for a pre-birthday weekend in Vegas with my friend Bekki, her mom (“Auntie Claire”), and her mom’s friend Mary. I partied in Sin… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Pairing

After attending so many swanky wine tastings over the years, I thought I’d be better at deciphering the various notes and bouquets in each bottle – or at least say something about a… Continue reading

Cape Flattery: A Pacific Northwest Wonderland

There’s a hashtag on Instagram that alludes to a “Pacific Northwest Wonderland.” And honestly, even after living in Washington State for more than 20 years, I never knew what that meant until I… Continue reading