Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Birthday Brunching at Root & Bone

Okay, I promise this will be my last 30th birthday-related post. For a while, at least. (Random celebrations keep popping up all over the place.) The weekend after my b-day party, one of… Continue reading

Dinner and a Musical with “Ruthless!” and Joe Allen Restaurant

One of my favorite birthday treats this year was a classic New York City night out with one of my writing clients, Tracy from Tracy’s New York Life. And nothing is more classically… Continue reading

Purple Rain, Purple Rain

The music world suffered a huge blow last week, to say the least. There’s really no need to go into the details of Prince’s unexpected passing – from the Empire State Building to… Continue reading

Eyelash Extensions: My New Favorite Beauty Treatment

When my friend Bekki was in town for my birthday about a week ago, she treated me to eyelash extensions as one of my b-day presents. I was a little iffy about the… Continue reading

Celebrating My 30th Birthday in NYC

On Saturday, April 9th, I officially entered the “Dirty Thirties” club. Like any other night out around the city, I knew it’d be fun – but my fabulous friends made it even better… Continue reading

Now is the “Good Old Days”

Birthdays are always a good time for reflection. Being a “personal development” nerd, I’m always listening to podcasts and journaling, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me and/or how… Continue reading

Fuller House and My Stephanie Tanner Girl Crush

I don’t even remember when I started watching Full House. Maybe I was four-years-old. Five? Either way, I know one thing: I have always had a girl crush on Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin).… Continue reading