Eyelash Extensions: My New Favorite Beauty Treatment


When my friend Bekki was in town for my birthday about a week ago, she treated me to eyelash extensions as one of my b-day presents. I was a little iffy about the idea at first, thinking the upkeep would be too high maintenance or that I didn’t have the proper oil-free eye makeup products; but holy crap, they’re amazing. And I’m almost annoyed at how hooked I am on a beauty treatment that I can’t afford to do on a regular basis.

Bekki booked us an appointment at Ebenezer Eyelash Extension in K-Town, where the entire staff was incredibly sweet from the moment we walked in. After filling out some forms and receiving a rundown of the different eyelash length and style options, I decided to go with the cat eye shape for a more glamorous, winged look. Then I was taken to a bed, given a pillow and blanket, collagen pads were applied under my eyes, and I chillaxed for a full hour while an eyelash technician worked her magic.

The entire experience was so much more relaxing and luxurious than I thought we would be. Aside from classical music playing softly in the background, they also include a full hand and foot massage towards the end of the treatment; so I wasn’t surprised when the lady next to me kept snoring.

The minute I was able to open my eyes and look in a mirror again, I was obsessed. My lashes were long and flirty (especially with the cat eye shape), but not ridiculously over-the-top like some falsies. Also, my beauty routine has never been easier. Even when I woke up hungover the day after my birthday, my eyes still looked like they belonged to a Disney princess – some bronzer and lip gloss, and I was good to go. I haven’t even touched eyeliner or mascara in about two weeks.

For New Yorkers considering eyelash extensions, I can’t say enough about the ladies at Ebenezer. There’s some more affordable options in the city, but the level of service and comfort won’t come anywhere close. Also, they were sweet enough to give me a bottle of their green tea hand lotion as a birthday present; so next time I need lashes for a special event or vacation, I’ll definitely be going back.

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