Fuller House and My Stephanie Tanner Girl Crush


I don’t even remember when I started watching Full House. Maybe I was four-years-old. Five? Either way, I know one thing: I have always had a girl crush on Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin). Not only was Stephanie’s catch phrase – “How rude!” – my favorite, but she was also the funniest of the Tanner girls.

obsessions2a[Image Credit: Bustle]

When the announcement of the Full House reunion – aka Fuller House – was made, I think about 99.9% of people who grew up in the 90’s lost their minds. Even though the show was incredibly corny and predictable, it was a total landmark in our childhoods. Danny’s OCD-style cleaning and obsession with hugs, Joey’s cartoon impressions, Uncle Jesse’s overall hotness and rock star status, etc. By the way, how the hell hasn’t John Stamos aged? I need to get me some more of that Oikos Greek yogurt.

obsessions2b[Image Credit: ET Online]

Recently, I spent a Saturday night in to binge watch all the episodes of Fuller House online, and it was fabulous. Even though the corny factor was still there, it was a good kind of corny – the type that serves as a “blast from the past” and reminds you of the wholesome, family-friendly stuff we used to watch back in the day.

Maybe it’s because of the Merlot I was drinking at the time, but it took a minute before I realized Fuller House was a play off DJ Tanner’s married name, DJ Fuller. As a widow, she’s left with two boys, just like the original setup with Danny and his three girls. Without giving away any real spoilers, Stephanie and DJ’s best friend (Kimmy Gibbler) step up to the plate to support her, and the series is built around their relationships. Think of it as the ultimate hand off to the next generation.

Unlike Full House, this new version alludes to jokes and scenarios you’d only understand if you watched the original series. And several of those jokes are geared more towards adults, rather than children (a huge “plus”). Basically, I loved having a momentary flashback with one of my favorite childhood TV shows, and thrilled that it was just renewed for a second season.

In terms of Stephanie Tanner, girlfriend is now a DJ – not to be confused with her sister – and killed it with the dance numbers. More than 20 years later, she’s still crazy cool in my book and I still want to be her when I grow up.

Here’s a dance scene from one of my favorite episodes:

And special thanks to Fuller House for introducing me to this catchy new tune from Macy Gray: