Fashion Week Around the World: My Fave SS2016 Runway Looks


After working in the fashion industry for more than a decade, I created this little game that I like to play: I look at a designer’s collection and try to guess what their inspiration was behind it. Whether it’s because I have a relatively strong knowledge of art and history, or if it’s because I’ve spent a sad amount of time studying various designers over the years, I usually guess correctly.

With that being said, let me clarify something – I don’t give a crap about “clothes.” There’s a HUGE difference between people who like clothes/shopping, and people who have a passion for fashion. True fashion has a story behind each collection, and real designers draw inspiration from some of the most interesting sources. Famous painters, political icons, religious movements, specific decades, etc. I love watching an idea materialize on the catwalk.

Now, on to the fun part. CLICK HERE to see my favorite spring/summer 2016 runway picks from New York, London, and Paris Fashion Week (published today on Tracy’s New York Life). And excuse me while I continue to drool over Naeem Khan’s SS 2016 collection below…

Main Image: Hanley