One Woman Army


Copy/pasted from what I posted on my Facebook page:

Man… So when I wrote/recorded/released “One Woman Army” (basically a million years ago), I created it solely as an anthem for myself. Still, it was a little (JUST a little… I ain’t complaining) disappointing when everyone’s favorite song of mine was “Remove Yourself” – a cheeky/clubby thingy made up of inside jokes between my friends and I – simply because OWA was so raw and personal. For the past several years, I pretty much discarded OWA and ignored it since it didn’t seem to have any worthwhile effect. I thought “Maybe it’s better to just write the easy, commercial, vapid, soul-less crap everyone seems to like, rather than trying so hard to pen songs that actually mean something”. Then today, I received this message from a random woman on YouTube who stumbled upon the track:

This is an incredibly beautiful song ……voice , lyrics — everything. This song had a tremendous effect on me. It described where I’ve been in my life …… and where I’m going. In fact, it hit me emotionally in a way I can’t even verbalize. (I have a feeling you’ve been through quite a journey yourself) I’m crying as I write this because of how you just hit the nail on the head for me emotionally. I’m going to write down the words and keep it with me when I need to gather strength. I hope to see and hear more. Thank you so much.

This – THIS makes everything I do worth it. Being able to resonate with just ONE person by doing something you’re passionate about (especially in the over-saturated creative/entertainment realm) is what so many others only dream of. To my fellow creatives: Pay attention to the little signs and messages that come your way, because they’ll let you know you’re on the right path. And be prepared to have overwhelming feelings of joy, relief, and gratitude that come along with them.

One Woman Army (unmastered) – Mastered version available on iTunes: CLICK HERE