Soft Shell Crab Buns at Kobeyaki

Have you ever tried something that was so yummy, you almost got angry at it? Because you knew you’d be addicted and craving it for the rest of your life? That’s how I… Continue reading

I Love Mah Bouqs: Volcano Roses FTW

I’m seriously obsessed with The Bouqs Co. One of my BFFs recently turned 30 and I wanted to send her flowers for her birthday – but most floral delivery companies charge you a… Continue reading

One Woman Army

Copy/pasted from what I posted on my Facebook page: Man… So when I wrote/recorded/released “One Woman Army” (basically a million years ago), I created it solely as an anthem for myself. Still, it… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Mind the Leo-Oscar Mania

As much as I want to win a Grammy for songwriting someday, I don’t watch the Grammy Awards. And one of my best friends, an actress, avoids the Oscars like the plague. There’s… Continue reading

My 6 Must-Have Lip Products

I have been obsessed with lip stuff since the days of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers and random sparkly glosses from the Sanrio store. Today, I have a pretty sizable collection of balms, glosses,… Continue reading

Lessons You Only Learn While Living Single

Single guys and gals: If you’re spending every moment of the single life looking or for or thinking about your next boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, then… you’re doing it wrong. This is… Continue reading

Getting Out of an NYC Funk

Oops, has it really been a whole month since I last posted? My bad, y’all. Coming back to NYC this time around was extra tough (1 1/2 months away from the fast-paced lifestyle… Continue reading

First Shopping Spree in… Years…

The secret is out: I’ve been hiding out here in the Pacific Northwest since mid-December. Do I miss NYC? Well, duh – that is, when it comes to the excitement and the fact… Continue reading

Seastar: My Favorite Pacific Northwest Restaurant

As much as I love New York City’s foodie scene, I have yet to find a restaurant to top the one place I’ve been in love with since high school – Seastar. Founded… Continue reading

My Grown-Up Christmas List

‘Tis the season, everyone! I just finished writing out my Christmas list; but this year, it’s different. Rather than listing out a bunch of “stuff” that I’d like to receive on Christmas morning,… Continue reading