First Shopping Spree in… Years…


The secret is out: I’ve been hiding out here in the Pacific Northwest since mid-December. Do I miss NYC? Well, duh – that is, when it comes to the excitement and the fact that I have carved out my own little comfortable niche over there. But other than that, it has been SUCH a nice break to just chill out back in B-Town (Bellevue, WA) and have a change of environment. Especially since I’ve been too broke to travel like I used to.

As per usual, my Christmas was wonderful (it’s the one time of year I can act like a kid again) and New Year’s Eve was great – tons of food, and I had a chance to rewrite my goals. This year, however, I accomplished something I obsessions1ahaven’t accomplished in years. I was able to treat myself to a blowout shopping spree, post-Christmas.

Being someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, I was beyond thrilled when I realized that… for the first time in forever… I actually had EXPENDABLE income at the end of the month. And after doing some boring-ass, adult things like making credit card payments and depositing money into my Roth IRA, I was able to pick up these lil bits of fun (my mommy treated me as well):

* a Kate Spade planner for 2016;  because a cute agenda is a MUST

* a new lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret white high tops from Aldo

* a buncha other workout stuff from Victoria’s Secret

* sunglasses from Nordstrom

* some other stuff I’m probably forgetting about

Did I mention I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret? Their new Angels collection – featuring lacy bras and French-inspired lace shorts/panties – are adorable. And I’m thrilled to add this hot pink set to my collection of sexy things that I basically wear for myself, because nobody else sees them. Yay for being single.

So now that I’m returning to NYC in a few days, I can say that this past holiday season has been a successful one for me. Not only was I able to donate to a whole list of organizations I love, but I was able to treat myself to a lil somethin’ somethin’ as well. My debit card is on fire from all the spending, but DAYUM that felt good.