Free Podcasts with Chalene Johnson!

I’ve been a Chalene Johnson fan for nearly seven years and consider her to be one of my mentors – not only in health and fitness, but in business and goal-setting as well.… Continue reading

You’re Leaving With Me: J Boog in Brooklyn

Q: What do you do when you’re living in America’s fastest-paced city and feeling homesick for the simple, island lifestyle? A: Go to a J Boog concert. Last month, Beks, Rae, and I… Continue reading

“Under the Radar” Fashion Designers

For Tracy’s New York Life, I chose five NYC-based fashion designers who I think should be getting a little more recognition than they currently do. READ MORE…

Upscale Places for Non-Bougie Ballers

I love all things luxe and high-end, but I can’t be bothered with the snobby, pretentious attitude that can come along with it. Check out my list of six upscale, yet down-to-earth places… Continue reading

“You’re Like Carrie Bradshaw!” – Nah, Not Really

Carrie Bradshaw and I are both New York City-based writers (I did actually write for a sex/dating/relationships blog before) living in the Upper East Side, we’re both single (pre-Sex and the City movies),… Continue reading

Hilarious NYC Stereotypes

…Because New York City’s stereotypes are 1) numerous, and 2) hilarious. READ HERE…

NYC “Dream Jobs”: The Real Scoop

Check out my “pilot article” for Tracy’s New York Life – a top blog about life in NYC that I’ve been contributing to since last August. (Oh THAT’S where Mala disappeared to!) I’ll… Continue reading

4 Bits of Wisdom from Unexpected Places

I’ve never been one to ask for advice when it comes to my own issues. In fact, I’m one of the last people who would ever ask anything along the lines of “What… Continue reading

The Skirt Struggle

As I peruse what’s supposed to be one of the most sacred places in a female’s life (the closet), I am reminded of an internal conflict I’ve developed since living in the city.… Continue reading

Dang, Num Pang

If you read my previous post about The Melt Shop, you may have figured out by now that I have a bit of a sandwich obsession. I loooooooove me some sammiches, just like… Continue reading