Baseball Mom

By the time I was five years-old, I had memorized 50 poems. That’s also when I had written my first poem/song – something along the lines of birds singing or some crap like… Continue reading

Anti-Aging Secrets of Polynesia

Since I work for ZestNow, a website “for women 50 and forward”, I thought it’d be fun to throw together an article about traditional anti-aging secrets that Polynesian women have used. Hint: Monoi… Continue reading

“OMG I Need It”: S/S 2014

I used to be one of “those girls” who would spend $20 on fashion magazines every month, analyzing each page of Vogue, and marking important facts and trends with post-it notes. Now that… Continue reading

Apartment Hunting 101

Before making the move to New York, I spent hours researching everything I thought I would need to know about the city. But it seems like no matter how many articles you read… Continue reading


Awhile back, a colleague and I were invited to a promotional party for TY KU at the Gansevoort Hotel down in the Meatpacking District. If you’re not familiar with the brand, TY KU… Continue reading

Perfect Eyebrows: Thread ‘Em

When it comes to brows, it has always been about either plucking or waxing – that is, until I was introduced to the amazing world of threading and realized that New York has… Continue reading

Saturdays in the City

Last Saturday, Beks (one of my bffs) convinced me to get up, get dressed, and walk around Central Park with her. Both of us have been stressed lately and buried under piles of… Continue reading

When You’ve Been Screwed

Last week, I found out that my landlady wanted my apartment back and that I would have to vacate by April 1st. This was after my roommate informed me that she would be… Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret > Lemons

I didn’t know how to properly pronounce “Lululemon” until I moved here. Up until then, I thought it was called “Lu-lee-MON” (I don’t always take the time to read things thoroughly). In New… Continue reading

Java Girl in the East 60s

Having lived in the Seattle area for more than 15 years, I naturally have a love for all things Starbucks (iced venti triple shot sugar-free vanilla soy latte, please!). But there’s no point… Continue reading