Menguin: Penguin Suits that Save Penguins


A couple months ago, I started writing blog posts for an online tuxedo rental company called Menguin. The marketing/branding nerd in me first noticed their fantastic online presentation (nothing about it says “budget brides and grooms”). But what I love most about Menguin is that a portion of each tuxedo rental actually goes towards menguinsaving penguins via the International Penguin Conservation Working Group.

This nonprofit organization focuses on saving and relocating penguins that are victims of oil spills, and – this part is adorable – some lucky grooms will receive a penguin adoption certificate and be able to name the penguin they saved.

Visit the Menguin website for more information about online tuxedo rentals (a very seamless process) and CLICK HERE to read my most recent post about the different types of lapels for tux jackets. Also, I love me a man in a peaked lapel.