Fresh Wok: Hawaiian Plate Lunches in the UES


In NYC, you can find legit food from almost any culture – Chinese, Brazilian, Southern BBQ, Italian, Indian, Greek, etc. But if you’re from Hawaii and craving some local island grinds, there’s not exactly a lot of options. I’m still looking for some pork hash, half moon, and a big ass manapua (the smaller, dim sum version doesn’t do it for me).

Fortunately, I came across Fresh Wok in the Upper East Side. And once I saw the term “Hawaiian Lunch Special” on the back of the menus some guy dropped off at my building, I knew I had found my new cheat day delivery place.

Spam musubi is what's up.

Spam musubi is what’s up.

Fresh Wok is a dingy-looking, hole-in-the-wall joint, but it’s usually those types of places that make the best food. (Ex: The food at Bergdorf Goodman’s fancy restaurant sucks.)

This place isn’t available on Seamless yet, but you can see their menu HERE and call in your order. I always get either the chicken katsu or mixed seafood plate, an extra scoop of macaroni salad (it’s so disgustingly mayo-y, just how we do it back in Hawaii), and… yuuuuup… spam musubi. All, for about $15. The portions are huge as well, so I always feel sick afterwards, but it’s worth the nostalgia.

Also, I still don’t understand why mainlanders get grossed out by spam. Y’all eat bologna.