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Fresh Wok: Hawaiian Plate Lunches in the UES

In NYC, you can find legit food from almost any culture – Chinese, Brazilian, Southern BBQ, Italian, Indian, Greek, etc. But if you’re from Hawaii and craving some local island grinds, there’s not… Continue reading

Being an Uber Minority in NYC

So… Pacific Islanders account for 0.1% of New York City’s population. REPRESENT, BITCHES! What’s it like to be a minority of all minorities? It can be fun – who wouldn’t like to constantly… Continue reading

You’re Leaving With Me: J Boog in Brooklyn

Q: What do you do when you’re living in America’s fastest-paced city and feeling homesick for the simple, island lifestyle? A: Go to a J Boog concert. Last month, Beks, Rae, and I… Continue reading