Dang, Num Pang


If you read my previous post about The Melt Shop, you may have figured out by now that I have a bit of a sandwich obsession. I loooooooove me some sammiches, just like Bruh Man from Martin. But the sandwiches at Num Pang are something that I never had the pleasure of experiencing before I moved to NYC.

I like to think of Num Pang sandwiches as the Cambodian version of a banh mi – and dare I say it, I think these are better. It all comes down to the fact that literally every ingredient in each sandwich is top notch. First, the mini baguettes are baked fresh throughout the day and have a thin, crispy outside with an amazingly soft inside. The pickled carrots, cucumbers, and cilantro they use are fresh, and then there’s my favorite part: the chili mayo. THAT DAMN CHILI MAYO. It makes whatever sandwich you order amazing. My personal favorite is the coconut tiger shrimp, with the five-spiced glazed pork belly coming in at a close second. Apparently, even the roasted cauliflower sandwich is great. I haven’t tried it myself, but my friend Rae thought it was so good that she sneaked one into Radio City Music Hall when we went to the Dave Chappelle show, even though no food was allowed.

Num Pang has five locations, mostly midtown and below. So basically… the owners SERIOUSLY need to get started opening an Upper East Side location, because Seamless and Grub Hub won’t deliver all the way up here.