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9/11 Heroes and the Zadroga Act

With today being the 14th anniversary of 9/11, I wanted to honor New York City’s first responders by focusing on a current issue at stake – the Zadroga Act. The Zadroga Act was… Continue reading

Support Syria’s Children with Watanili

Here’s something not everyone knows about me: While I may seem tough, silly, sarcastic, jaded, unemotional, or some crazy combination of all those traits, it’s because when I actually DO feel things, I… Continue reading

Talk Story with Kyle Mac: Christianity, Faux Christians, and the Importance of Love and Acceptance (PODCAST)

Allow me to introduce you lovelies to one of my favorite Periscopers – KYLE MAC! In this podcast, we talk about what it means to be a Christian (ie: NOT about “religion”), the… Continue reading

Basic Tips: How To Write a Song (PODCAST)

I give a quick breakdown about how to get started in songwriting and penning quality, cohesive songs.

Three Truths (PODCAST)

Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… ladettes and chavs… introducing my first podcast with the OFFICIAL Halela & 5th theme song, produced by Ka’eo Costa, specifically for meeeeee! Every songstress should have a… Continue reading

Talk Story with Kofi: Charity, Watanili, and Human Connections (PODCAST)

This week, I recorded a podcast with my longtime friend Anisa (aka “Kofi”) about charity work and the importance of giving back. We were both raised with the mindset of helping others, but… Continue reading

College Lessons That Apply to Living in NYC

Blah… I can’t believe college graduation was seven years ago. Thanks to those four years I spent living in London, moving to NYC wasn’t nearly as difficult as everyone made it out to… Continue reading

Regine Mont-Louis Talks “Haram” (PODCAST)

Last Friday, I recorded my first podcast with BFF/actress Regine Mont-Louis (aka “Rae”). Rae has her first play debuting next week – as in, she WROTE it – called “Haram”. Check out our… Continue reading

I’m a “Bad Feminist”

Yep, that’s right. I’m a bad feminist. Not in the sense that I don’t believe in equal rights for women, but in the sense that I don’t fall into the militant, extremist, Birkenstock-loving,… Continue reading

4 Bits of Wisdom from Unexpected Places

I’ve never been one to ask for advice when it comes to my own issues. In fact, I’m one of the last people who would ever ask anything along the lines of “What… Continue reading