The Only Review I’ll Have of Anastasia in NYC


Can I vent for a moment? I just got wind that one of my favorite childhood movies, Anastasia, is coming to Broadway. Believe me when I say, I memorized every line in that movie, I learned every song on the piano, and I literally reenacted every scene with my freakin’ Barbie dolls. I even spent weeks on a library waiting list to check out history books about the Romanov family, studied Anastasia and her sisters for countless hours, and sketched their photos with charcoal pencils, pretending I was some non-Russian princess in the early-1900s. So, now that I live in NYC, I should be psyched that I can see the first Broadway adaptation of this movie on stage, right?

Yeah, no – WRONG.

After checking the website, literally every show until MAY (when I’ll be taking a hiatus from NYC) is already sold out. Damn you, New York City tourists… and everyone else who gets to see this musical when I can’t. The premiere isn’t even until the end of March and it’s STILL sold out. Whatever. While all you ticket holders are enjoying a lovely matinee in the mezzanine, I’ll just be here in my room… sadly singing Aaliyah’s version of “Journey To the Past.” Or maybe I’ll be humming “Once Upon a December” while looking at the Anastasia snow globe my parents bought me for Christmas almost 20 years ago. Not sad at all.

This reminds me – aside from Anastasia, I have a full itinerary of shows I need to see. From Broadway, to ballet, to the opera, here’s my NYC theater bucket list via Tracy’s New York Life: CLICK HERE