Style Tips for Subzero Temps


Just when we think spring is just around the corner, the suburbs of Bellevue, Washington gets a random snow day, and ten inches of ice gets dumped on NYC. Personally, I love snow days – it’s a perk of working from home. And if anything, I think winter fashion is actually more fierce than the looks on the spring and summer runways.

That being said, I’ve learned the hard way about dressing fashionably in freezing temps. There was that time I attended New York Fashion Week in February, wearing a single pair of leggings, and my legs were literally pink for three days… Not to mention that year I couldn’t even walk one block to the bus stop, because the freezing wind was burning my face and I had to hail a cab. But I digress. Beyond the frostbite, winter is a fabulous season for fashion. Here’s some of my favorite subzero style tips, published on Tracy’s New York Life: CLICK HERE