Athleisure Beauty is the Yoga Pants of Makeup


As a writer who works from home, my daily uniform is usually something along the lines of yoga pants, a tank top, and a messy bun. (I know… so basic bitch.) Apparently, this type of lifestyle – i.e. “sporting active wear all day, even if you never make it to the gym” – has become such a mainstay that a label has officially been slapped on it: athleisure. And now, athleisure beauty is a thing as well.

For my fellow low-maintenance chicks out there, athleisure beauty is totally for you. (Honestly, you’re probably using this sort of beauty regimen already.) But if you want a few makeup tips that will help you, and if you’re the type that likes to easily transition between the gym and your social life, then check out my latest blog post for Cheeky Physique. From waterproof mascara to double-duty lip gloss, athleisure beauty is the key to looking as fabulous at the gym as you do at brunch with the girls. CLICK HERE for the full article!