Cheeky Physique – A Hot Body Sidekick

One of my favorite clients on my roster is Cheeky Physique – a line of beauty and body products that I like to refer to as “a hot body sidekick.” As Cheeky Physique’s content director, I was crazy excited when the owner Lucy sent me the entire line to test out for myself. And to be honest, I’m obsessed.

First of all, how cute is that packaging?! I’m a sucker for good branding, so it felt like Christmas when I opened up the hot pink boxes to find beautiful glass bottles of serums, body oil, and a lip plumping gloss. I’ve been using the entire line for a couple months now (a little goes a long way, and I’m trying to make them last a long as possible), and here’s what I love about the four products.


Sublime Lips

This lip plumping gloss is made with manuka honey, which leaves lips gorgeously soft and slightly fuller. Even though I don’t have thin lips, I love that extra bit of “oomph.” Unlike other plumping glosses, Sublime Lips doesn’t have that harsh stinging feeling – I actually put it on before bed so my lips are perfectly moisturized and extra full by the time I wake up. The gloss looks pink in the tube, but it goes on clear so you can wear it alone or with your favorite lipstick. Oh, and it’s not overly thick and glossy… so it’s the perfect lip gloss for a natural look.


Tummy Sleek

I think everyone knows by now that no magic lotions or potions will give you a six pack (“abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” blah blah blah…). After using Tummy Sleek for several weeks, however, I’m surprised that my midsection is looking more toned. Yes, I workout regularly and I like hanging out in a plank position until I collapse. But this lightweight serum has firmed and tightened the appearance of my skin, and it has even lightened my stretch marks. I was using coconut oil for awhile (which is amazing), but I really like how quick-drying this formula is and how it seems to have reduced that puffy look of water retention. Plus, it smells great.

Sublime Bust

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t have small tits. So even though I’m a total fan of Sublime Bust, I’m not gonna tell you that your lovely A cups are going to sprout into a pair of DD’s overnight. Or ever. The main reason why I use this bust-enhancing serum is because I’m all about protecting Tyra and Naomi (my boobs) as much as possible. Boobs actually age faster than your face – so regularly moisturizing and massaging the tatas keeps them looking young, lifted, and maintains a nice shape. (This is especially important for my fellow well-endowed girls who don’t want their tits to be dragging on the ground by age 40.)

After using Sublime Bust, 1) my dĂ©colletage is smoother, 2) my boobs appear firmer, and 3) yes… they do seem to have “swelled” a bit. They didn’t grow enough to warrant buying a new bra wardrobe, but I can definitely see why anyone on the smaller side would want to use this product for a natural boost.


Contour Sleek

Finally, there’s Contour Sleek – a silky body oil that firms the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and smells uh-MAY-zing. In fact, all of the body products smell so good that if Cheeky Physique ever came out with scented candle versions of the product line, I’d buy them immediately. I’ve been massaging Contour Sleek into my thighs, and I can’t believe how smooth and satiny my skin feels. I even wore a short dress out last weekend because, for the first time in forever, I didn’t see any noticeable cellulite on the backs of my thighs.

I think the best part about testing out Cheeky Physique’s product line – aside from the beautifying results – was that it reminded me to slow down and spend a few minutes each day taking care of my skin. After my shower, I apply Sublime Bust to the girls, Tummy Sleek to my… tummy, and Contour Sleek to my legs. It’s kind of like my “diva” time. And I don’t know if it’s because my skin is glowing more or if it’s because everything is looking firmer, but I do feel better about what I see in the mirror now than I did a few months ago.

Check out the entire Cheeky Physique line and order your own collection here.

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