I Did Nothing


I did nothing to deserve this –
Her. Her love. Her strength.
All the cuddles and affection,
All the bandaging my pains.

Her dreaming of me before I was born,
Being all that she visualized.
My soul was in a crap shoot
And I won the ultimate prize.

I did nothing to deserve this –
Growing up within a shell
That protected me and and kept me safe,
But allowed me to be myself.

All my missteps and poor judgements,
She gave me the freedom to make.
All my accomplishments and glory,
She was never one to take.

I did nothing to deserve this –
To be privileged since birth.
To be worthy of all she sacrificed,
Always thinking about me first.

She tells me I’m her little girl
And she’s always there to help.
She believed in me years and years before
I learned how to believe in myself.

It’s unfathomable and unconscionable,
Beyond what my heart can see.
Even my happiest moment won’t
Come close to her love for me.

I did nothing to deserve this –
It’s a blessing from above
To be able to rest my head every night,
Knowing I am loved.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy! I love you.