Treasure Hunting: Gems of the Meatpacking District

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Me and the beautiful Marisa Perry!

Last Thursday, I was invited to return to the Meatpacking District (I had just been there for a NY Fashion Week event) and peruse the area via a grown-up “treasure hunt”. With a treasure map of five distinct jewelers – all, within a couple blocks of each other – my friend Rae and I spent two hours hopping from store to store, enjoying champagne, cocktails, canapes, and checking out some stunning gems along the way. As difficult as it was to choose my favorite pieces at each store, I was able to narrow down the baubles that caught my attention most so I could share them with you lovelies. Enjoy!

Marisa Perry – 636 Hudson Street

Our first stop was at Marisa Perry, who specializes in engagement rings and diamond jewelry. As a lover of all things shiny, I thought the shop was gorgeous. Chandeliers dripping with crystals hung everywhere, wedding cakes from Ron Ben-Israel were on display, and the store’s adorable chocolate “mascot” kept us company as we looked around.

Marisa was nothing short of a “hostess with the mostess”, making sure Rae and I were both holding elderflower champagne cocktails within five minutes of our arrival. And I couldn’t believe her staff actually let us try on our favorite pieces. My pick was a white and blue crystal encrusted cuff, which left me actually debating what was more important – the bracelet, or my rent.

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Reinstein/Ross – 30 Gansevoort Street

Our second stop was at Reinstein/Ross, where I loved their gold collection. My favorite part of the store, however, was the RR Gallery – a section of the shop dedicated to showcasing the work of studio and fine art jewelry. The current exhibition is Korean artist Seulgi Kwon’s “Tender Moments”, which is showing until October 4th. Inspired by the growth cycles of plants and flowers, the silicone pieces were soft, supple, and beautifully colored.

I was in love with a large statement piece – a necklace that reminded me of a jellyfish.

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Doyle & Doyle – 412 West 13th Street

Doyle & Doyle definitely won Rae’s pick for best cocktail bites (I agree – the bruschettas were bomb). If you’re a fan of heirlooms, antiques, and one-of-a-kind jewelry, this is the spot for you. The store is chocked full with vintage gold pieces, unique engagement rings, Victorian-inspired jewelry, and my favorite – a diamond bracelet from Doyle & Doyle’s private collection.

Because of the friendly staff and entertaining people we were networking with, Rae and I actually spent most of our time here. Also, shout out to the lovely staff member who charged my phone once it died on me.

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Anna Inspiring Jewelry – 825 Washington Street

I adored the setup at Anna Inspiring Jewelry. Once we walked in, a photographer made us pose in front of the step-and-repeat, and we were surrounded by busts dressed in tutus. I love me a tutu. My favorite jewelry piece was a pendant of a little girl in ballet slippers (there were other designs with girls wearing different outfits and shoes). But for some reason, this one reminded me of myself when I was little.

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Efva Attling – 36 Little West 12th Street

The last stop of the night was Efva Attling, which was Rae’s favorite. Owned by Swedish model and rock star, Efva Attling, this shop was trendy, youthful, bold, and feminine – the coolest combination ever. It took me awhile to actually notice the names of the different collections; but once I figured it out, I was obsessed.

One of the collections, “Take No Shit”, donates a portion of each purchase to support Bris – a Swedish NGO that supports children’s rights in society and encourages strength and courage in young people. Honestly, whenever people like Efva use their platform to support a larger purpose and cause, I’m absolutely sold.

I’ll leave you all with this: I fell head-over-heels in love with a 10 carat morganite and diamond cocktail ring that had my name written alllll over it. The name of the collection? “Bend Over… and you might get it”. Figures.

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