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My First Year Volunteering at Seattle Humane

After moving back to the Seattle area last year, I decided I wanted to volunteer at Seattle Humane. I was fairly “broken and bruised” – literally and figuratively – after pursuing a music… Continue reading

The 2018 Malafied World Cup Awards

Well, fellow footy fans, France is your new 2018 FIFA World Cup champions! Congratulations to “les bleus” for winning what had to be the most underwhelming final match I’ve ever seen. And well… Continue reading

8 Reasons Why I’ll Always Love Christmas

For whatever reason, I feel like more people have been bitching about the Christmas rush this year than usual. I totally understand that not everyone gets all “holly jolly” during this time of… Continue reading

Meeting Augusten Burroughs

I don’t remember the first time I read Running with Scissors. It was definitely within the last eight years, and I think I borrowed it from someone else. I forget. All I know… Continue reading

Trimming a Malafied Christmas Tree

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love Christmas. I’m not like Molly Shannon’s character in The Santa Clause 2, but it’s definitely my favorite time of year. And, like many people,… Continue reading

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Does It Right

Ever since I first watched my first episode of Seaquest at the age of seven and learned what marine biology was, I knew I wanted to be a marine biologist – or at… Continue reading

Color Away Your Stress

Feeling exhausted after this week? Yeah, me too. So I’m gonna hold off on addressing the country’s events for now (but trust me, it’s coming) and just blog about something simple and random… Continue reading