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Trimming a Malafied Christmas Tree

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love Christmas. I’m not like Molly Shannon’s character in The Santa Clause 2, but it’s definitely my favorite time of year. And, like many people,… Continue reading

Mala’s Christmas Playlist

Yeah, spoiler alert – I love Christmas. Y’all have no idea how difficult it was for me to narrow down my favorite Christmas songs into a list of 14, but here’s the lineup… Continue reading

My Holiday Gift Guide for Cheeky Physique

Christmas is only five days away, so last-minute shoppers: this one’s for you. Whether you’re in search of the perfect gift, or simply feel like pampering yourself after a hectic year, check out… Continue reading

A Posh Seafood Fix at The Sea Fire Grill

Last month, my friend Bekki flew in from Florida to visit for a couple days during the election. After the new president-elect was chosen, New York City seemed more depressed than I’ve ever… Continue reading

Friends Every New Yorker (and non-New Yorker) Needs

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past six years living in New York City, it’s that friends are everything. I’m lucky enough to have parents who will always be there to… Continue reading

The Importance of Handwritten Letters

As I tackle this year’s stack of Christmas cards, I’m reminded of what I keep hearing nowadays: “I never send Christmas cards.” “Nobody sends letters anymore.” “Nobody cares about that stuff.” “Email is… Continue reading

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Does It Right

Ever since I first watched my first episode of Seaquest at the age of seven and learned what marine biology was, I knew I wanted to be a marine biologist – or at… Continue reading

Challenge Yourself with Komnata Quest Escape Rooms

Last month, I was invited by Komnata Quest to experience their newest escape room adventure here in New York City. Having seen people go through escape room challenges on shows like┬áThe Bachelorette (don’t… Continue reading

Christmas with the Soul Children of Chicago

With December finally being here, I wanted to throw it back to one of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions. In December of 1992, six-year-old me was watching the Christmas in Washington concert… Continue reading

A Food-Filled Trip to Florida

For the last two weeks in November, I was able to enjoy the most amazing working vacation ever – all thanks to one of my besties, Bekki. While staying with Beks and her… Continue reading