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The Pros & Cons of Dating in NYC

See my newest article on TNYL about dating in New York City. READ HERE

Being an Uber Minority in NYC

So… Pacific Islanders account for 0.1% of New York City’s population. REPRESENT, BITCHES! What’s it like to be a minority of all minorities? It can be fun – who wouldn’t like to constantly… Continue reading

“You’re Like Carrie Bradshaw!” – Nah, Not Really

Carrie Bradshaw and I are both New York City-based writers (I did actually write for a sex/dating/relationships blog before) living in the Upper East Side, we’re both single (pre-Sex and the City movies),… Continue reading

Hilarious NYC Stereotypes

…Because New York City’s stereotypes are 1) numerous, and 2) hilarious. READ HERE…

NYC “Dream Jobs”: The Real Scoop

Check out my “pilot article” for Tracy’s New York Life – a top blog about life in NYC that I’ve been contributing to since last August. (Oh THAT’S where Mala disappeared to!) I’ll… Continue reading

The Skirt Struggle

As I peruse what’s supposed to be one of the most sacred places in a female’s life (the closet), I am reminded of an internal conflict I’ve developed since living in the city.… Continue reading

Anti-Aging Secrets of Polynesia

Since I work for ZestNow, a website “for women 50 and forward”, I thought it’d be fun to throw together an article about traditional anti-aging secrets that Polynesian women have used. Hint: Monoi… Continue reading

Apartment Hunting 101

Before making the move to New York, I spent hours researching everything I thought I would need to know about the city. But it seems like no matter how many articles you read… Continue reading

Saturdays in the City

Last Saturday, Beks (one of my bffs) convinced me to get up, get dressed, and walk around Central Park with her. Both of us have been stressed lately and buried under piles of… Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret > Lemons

I didn’t know how to properly pronounce “Lululemon” until I moved here. Up until then, I thought it was called “Lu-lee-MON” (I don’t always take the time to read things thoroughly). In New… Continue reading