Stanton Social in the Lower East Side

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A couple Saturdays ago, a bunch of us met at the Stanton Social for my friend Bekki’s going away party (I still can’t believe she left my ass). Located at 99 Stanton Street, Stanton Social is in the middle of a hip and lively part of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. There were several other bars in the area, as well as a big mix of girls in short skirts and stilettos, NYC politicians who have been busted for shady doings, and hipster guys in baggy shirts and homemade denim shorts.

Downstairs is a restaurant, which is relatively chill and quiet, but we spent our time at the cocktail bar upstairs. The ambiance was great – sophisticated, dimly lit, but with an awesome hip-hop and R&B playlist with a live DJ. Basically, it was upscale and swanky enough for my friends and I to feel like we were having a proper night out on the town, but still comfortable enough so I didn’t feel self-conscious about booty popping when they played old school rap tracks.

Stanton Social has a great bar menu featuring small gourmet plates, but honestly… their cocktail selection was good enough for me. At $15 a pop, it’s not the kind of place where I would get drunk and yell out “DRINKS FOR EVERYONE, MY TREAT!” But I did enjoy several rounds of “The Social Tea,” which is a concoction of Ketel One Citroen, gunpowder green tea, orange-honey marmalade – aka my favorite cocktail of summer 2015.