Lyrics: “All Day”


A new single from yours truly, currently in the works. (Lyrics are subject to change.)


Verse 1:

Some people ask me how I
Could stay so happy inside
No I, no I don’t know
No sign of sorrow or hurt
The looking glass is broken and blurred
And I keep my shadow so close

Twenty-four hours in a day
You only see me one way


Just look at yourself
Yeah you know you can’t help
Oh, falling in love with my disguise
I paint the darkness bright with laughter
But you don’t see the truth cuz you won’t look in my eyes
All day, oh all day (x4)

Verse 2:

Misunderstood all the time
Want nothin’ more than what’s mine
Wish you’d stay for awhile
You swim by wreckage though I
Know there are diamonds inside
No tribulations or trials

Why am I always to blame
When I forfeit your silly games


Bridge: …in the works! Stay tuned. 🙂