“OMG I Need It”: S/S 2014


I used to be one of “those girls” who would spend $20 on fashion magazines every month, analyzing each page of Vogue, and marking important facts and trends with post-it notes. Now that I’ve been in the fashion industry for nearly ten years and currently work for a magazine myself, you could say that I’ve chilled out a bit. Since I have the luxury of working from home and no longer have to look like a Hawaiian Barbie at work, I don’t focus as much on wearing the latest trends every single day of my life. It’s also way too expensive to constantly update your wardrobe and, often, I find myself having to choose between paying my electric bill or buying a new pair of Dior sunglasses (electric bill wins, unfortunately). That being said, I like to see what the UK edition of Vogue is listing as the “it” trends for every season and choose my favorites just in case I find myself with a few extra dollars to spend. [Side Note: I prefer the UK Vogue to the American edition. It’s much more edgy, effortless, and worldly.]

Although we haven’t had much of a spring so far in NYC – it was snowing just a couple weeks ago – I’ve picked out my top five favorite trends for spring/summer 2014. Some are continued trends from the past few seasons, but slightly updated. And now that I’ve spent time flipping through designer look books, I’m purposely going to avoid Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s this week so I don’t give in to impulse shopping.


Sporty Spice. (Emilio Pucci) I believe this trend first popped up on the spring/summer runways two years ago, but I’m glad it’s still going. It takes me back to my tomboy days with the sporty jackets and sweatshirts. But when you wear them with leggings, tall leather boots, and statement jewelry… that’s badass.


Black & White. (Bottega Veneta) I’m not sure why this is considered a “trend” for SS 2014… I don’t remember when black and white was considered to be unfashionable. Nevertheless, it’s one of my standbys for those days when nothing seems to look quite right. Bottega Veneta’s version of the classic black skirt/white blouse combo is amazing. They extra wide sleeves with the big sash in front? Flawless.


Bling Bling. (Nina Ricci) YES, I know I’m obsessed with everything sparkly and/or shiny. Hence, why I’m glad that embellishments have basically been established as a classic rather than a fad. Also, this Nina Ricci top is adorable.


Word. (Christian Dior) This trend is basically a more high-fashion version of the logo tees we used to wear in college and high school. SO much better than having “Juicy” written on your ass.


Metallics. (Versace) I love me some silver and gold fabrics, and this ensemble from Versace is probably the hottest thing I’ve seen on the runways for this season.