Awhile back, a colleague and I were invited to a promotional party for TY KU at the Gansevoort Hotel down in the Meatpacking District. If you’re not familiar with the brand, TY KU is a line of premium sake that also makes some amazing cocktails. It’s a nice change up to the normal vodka type stuff. Here’s a little sake lesson straight from the TY KU website:

“Grade is determined by how much the outside of the rice grain is polished away. Polishing removes undesirable fats so that only the starch center of the grain remains. The more that the rice is polished away, the higher the quality of the sake. TY KU produces only premium sake, representing the top 24% of all sake in the world.”

Junmai Daiginjo: Ultra Premium
Rice polished away over 50%

Junmai Ginjo: Super Premium
Rice polished away over 40%

Junmai: Premium
Rice polished away over 30%

Futsu: Low Grade
Rice polished away under 30%

I’m guessing that’s why I’m absolutely in love with the TY KU sakes, whereas cheaper brands usually trigger my gag reflexes.

Anyways, the launch party was hosted by Patti Stanger – aka “The Millionaire Matchmaker” – and we spent time chatting with her about relationship stuff while she also gave us some fun facts about TY KU’s products and cocktail recipes. First, she told us that sake is an aphrodisiac. Well that’s nice. Then she explained how low in calories the cocktails are. Awesome. Finally, she said that with premium sake, you won’t get a hangover. Challenge… accepted.

Towards the end of the night, I remember a Q&A session with Patti, during which women asked her several “no sh*t, Sherlock” questions, but I was too busy throwing back all the complimentary TY KU cocktails – or as I like to say, “I sampled everything”. I have to admit though, Patti was right. The next morning, I felt completely fine and had no nasty side effects from the night before. So with that, I recommend trying TY KU’s spirits because, aside from the sexy-looking bottles, they make some delicious drinks. Here are the recipes to some of the cocktails I “sampled”:

Lychee Martini
2 oz TY KU Sake Silver,
Splash of Lychee Juice,
1 tbsp Agave Nectar
(85 Calories)

Soju Lemonade
2 oz TY KU Soju,
2 oz TY KU Citrus,
2 oz Fresh Lemonade
(92 Calories)

.25 oz TY KU Soju,
1.5 oz TY KU Citrus,
Squeeze of Lemon,
Splash of Diet Soda
(75 Calories)