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College Lessons That Apply to Living in NYC

Blah… I can’t believe college graduation was seven years ago. Thanks to those four years I spent living in London, moving to NYC wasn’t nearly as difficult as everyone made it out to… Continue reading

My Favorite High-Profile NYC Locals

See who made the top 10 list of my favorite high-profile New Yorkers (my latest article for Tracy’s New York Life). Obviously, Larry David is one of them because yes. CLICK HERE to… Continue reading

Perks of Being an NYC Night Owl

Hot off the press from Tracy’s New York Life – I give you 10 things I love about being a night owl. I may go to bed around 6am, but trust me… there’s… Continue reading

PRIV: In-Home Beauty and Wellness services

I was able to try out the PRIV app (if you’re a female in NYC, you should definitely download it) and experience an in-home haircut/blowout from an amaaaaazing stylist. CLICK HERE to see… Continue reading

Shop Madison Avenue

It looks like this weekend’s weather will be making it the perfect time to get out and enjoy the city! (Just kidding, I’ll probably be stuck at home working and doing laundry.) For… Continue reading

The Met Museum: My Happy Place

My “happy place” used to be Harrods and the Kensington Palace lawn. But since I don’t live in London anymore and I have no shopping budget, I had to adjust. I love, love,… Continue reading

New York City Roomie Rules

Don’t be a sucky roommate – NYC is tough enough for people as it is. See my latest article HERE.

The Pros & Cons of Dating in NYC

See my newest article on TNYL about dating in New York City. READ HERE

Being an Uber Minority in NYC

So… Pacific Islanders account for 0.1% of New York City’s population. REPRESENT, BITCHES! What’s it like to be a minority of all minorities? It can be fun – who wouldn’t like to constantly… Continue reading

“Under the Radar” Fashion Designers

For Tracy’s New York Life, I chose five NYC-based fashion designers who I think should be getting a little more recognition than they currently do. READ MORE…